Our Story

,,Sázíme stromy je splněný sen.”

Každá organizace má svůj příběh. Ten náš se začal psát v roce 2013 a jednoduše řečeno je to splněný sen jedné ženy. Sen o pomoci, přírodě, terapii, propojení zdánlivě nepropojitelného. A protože ten sen připadá přitažlivý a smysluplný i jiným lidem, postupně se k němu připojily další desítky nadšenců, firem a obcí.

Our Story

At first it looked like a classic script - to graduate, to work at multinational firm and to make a career. But then children were born and I began to realize that I do not want to live like this, that I definitely did not fullfill my the mission of my life. "But what am I supposed to do?" I asked myself. In nature, I am happy, I love to breathe fresh air and walk through our beautiful landscape. I protect environment as much as possible, just by myself nature. But what can I do to make my efforts more impactable and inspire other people?

,,For us,
for the planet”

Then one day my husband and I left the children at home with their grandmother and grandfather and went on a trip to the Giant Mountains. Before we reached the top, the idea of planting trees was born! :-) Although we only left for two days and it was beautiful in the mountains, I was really looking forward to coming home to start a non-profit immediately. The name was very clear - just so that nothing had to be explained and the name would speak for itself. So - Sázíme stromy. I was sure the domain would be available. I was extremely surprised that www.sazimestromy.cz was already occupied! Some lady on the site explained how to plant trees properly!

I immediately wrote to her that I was sorry, but I came up with a non-profit called Sázíme stromy and that I would like to ask her to leave me the domain. Immediately after sending the email, it started to bother me that I have been so insolent and I thought I should not have written her. So I dialed the number I found on the site and wanted to apologize to her and ask her to forget my email and promise that I would come up with another name. The phone did not ring even twice, and Zuzana immediately answered it. She turned out to have already read the email and reapproach to me enthusiastically that of course I could have her domain and that she was in the emerging NGO already. That she was a landscape professional and trees were her passion, as well, and we would become our coordinator and plant trees with us. And this is how it all began. There are a lot of us in the team now and basically everyone got into the team by some beautiful coincidence - or it just can't be coincidences :-)

Martina Pavelková the founder of Sázíme stromy

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